3 steps to selling success in 2015


With the festive season over and people heading back to the office it is time to conquer the mountain that is your 2015 sales target. Just like years prior it doesn’t get any easier. Your targets have gone up, the product team haven’t delivered any new products updates, marketing may not be able to deliver the leads you require or maybe your company has changed go-to market strategies. With every new year, there is a new challenge. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that if you don’t hit your number you are the one held accountable.

How do you de-risk 2015’s new number and set yourself on a path to succeed? Take the responsibility of building an activity plan that empowers you to take ownership of your number

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” Alan Lakein

At this time of year you and your manager are strategically aligned to your market and territories and marketing has set their campaigns in motion, next step is to create an activity plan to execute against. Whether you are a transactional inside sales rep or a heavy hitting enterprise territory manager your 2015 activity plan should identify the activities you need to complete to achieve your goals on your own, here are my 3 steps to plan your 2015 success

1. Calculate your opportunity target / sales math / lead deficit

Every role and individual has different ‘metrics for success’, whether that be number of dials, connections, client meetings, win rate, AOS. You need to understand your own business, review your historical performance then look at your 2015 sales target and reverse engineer the activity that you need to complete to succeed in this year. Likely it is a big number, so break it down in to smaller monthly, weekly, maybe even daily targets (not sure how to build out your sales math? Stay tuned for my next post.)

 2. Hold yourself accountable to review and adjust your goals on a daily or weekly basis.

If you struggle holding yourself accountable ask your manager, mentor, colleagues, partner or parents. What gets measured gets done and sharing with the people that care will motivate you to ensure that the key metrics you are measuring are achieved.

 3. Do what is important, not what is urgent

There are always going to be myriad of urgent requests that are going to ruin almost every day – your boss calls a sales meeting, your customers is struggling with your products or you need to prepare a big customer presentation. Do not let these wrecking balls derail your efforts to complete your daily, weekly monthly objectives. Focus on the key metrics for your success and you will be finishing the year strongly.

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    1. Like most systems, it is all about a common sense approach of setting realistic goals and getting into a habit of hitting them

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