3 Steps to Capitilise on Christmas Cheer

There are three weeks to go until Christmas and you are focused on bringing in your existing opportunities to finish the year strongly, for many it is too late to add opps to the top of the funnel to impact this year’s number.

global comparisonThe good news, according to research conducted by Pipedrive, is that you are more likely to close business with win rates increasing 3.5%
globally. In Australia this is felt even stronger in Australia at 5%. It seems that prospects are just as keen to close out the year and go on holiday with a clean slate!

The great news is that the holiday season is a ideal time to fill your pipeline for 2016. Prospects have taken their foot off the pedal and are bringing their Christmas merriment into the office.


Here are three tips to get the most out of your holiday season in the office;

  1. Get referrals from your existing customers by building rapport with a little Christmas cheer

Now is the time to engage with your prospects and thank them for their support this year. They are heading out to Christmas parties in the afternoon, could be a little hungover in the morning after their staff drinks the previous night. Take the opportunity pick up the phone to build rapport – have a joke, enjoy the common excitement and pain of a shared holiday experiences. Thank them for their custom for the year, schedule a time for an account review in 2016  and ask if they have any colleagues in other units or businesses who suffer from the same challenges.

      2. Set appointments for their return

Although creating opportunities is very hard towards the end of the year and getting decisions made is incredibly tough, people ARE at their desks and do have MORE TIME to have a conversation about the challenges and opportunities they faced this year and how they plan to address them in 2016. Let them do the talking and if you identify a challenge you can solve, set an appointment for the new year.

Prospects are also more likely to set an appointment for their return, with many SDR’s setting more appointments during December. The long time between when the appointment is set and when it occurs creates a real challenge for conversion, so ensure your SDR holds onto the lead and re-confirms the appointment in the new year, prior to the rep holding the meeting.

       3. Harvest Out of Office (OoO) emails to build your prospecting base5.4 people included in deals

According to the Corporate Executive Board, 5.4 people are involved in a B2B buying decision. If you are single-threaded within your account, an out of office email from your prospect can contain valuable information about who are the other key contacts within the account.

According to Matt Benati, CEO of OoO harvesting company LeadGnome, “OoO emails have a wealth of information from your account. Unlocking this information provides a shortcut to broadening your reach and finding the right contact.”

To execute, schedule an email to be sent on the 23rd of December or 4th of January (when your prospect is likely out of the office) and wait for the OoO replies with contact information to start rolling in! You can either harvest them manually or use solutions like LeadGnome to provide you with a report of net new contacts.

Hopefully this stops you from twiddling your thumbs while you close the year strongly and provides you with a little inspiration to capitlise on the Christmas cheer!

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