A must read for today’s sales & marketing professional

As you have all read in blogs and experienced in the field, buyers are changing and evolving their purchasing behaviour at a rapid rate making traditional selling models, practices and technology ineffective or obsolete.

There are many great books that discuss the art and science of sales, some of which have maintained relevancy over time but I haven’t found one that enables you to leverage today’s technology to succeed in this tough landscape……until I read Max Altschulers’ book – Hacking Sales: The Playbook for Building a High Velocity Sales Machine.

In the book Max outlines the technology and process hacks many individuals and organisations are using to succeed in today’s evolving and challenging selling environment. It is a great read that aligns the logical flow of a regular sales process with the latest sales technology stack, while providing great examples of how the technologies can be implemented and the tips and tricks that will have you hacking your way to sales success in record time.

What really struck me is the amount of disparate technology out there to assist today’s sales professionals, there are tools and tactics that are solving problems that have been plaguing sales since the dawn of the internet. Do yourself a favour, download a copy now!

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