Meeting Series #1 – Get the Basics Right

In my earlier post 3 steps to crushing your next sales meeting like a boss, I talked about 3 steps to running a meeting like a Boss. In this post we will be going deeper into the first step – Getting the Basics Right.

As the name suggests, this isn’t rocket science, but it is amazing how a ‘busy life’ can distract you then little details slip through the cracks and derail important customer meetings.

A few things that you should think about before any meaningful meeting;

Set an objective

  • So many people don’t go into a meeting with a clear goal or objective
  • Write it down, share it with a colleague or manager

Send a proposed agenda

  • Write down 2-3 discussion points then leave a few points free inviting a response
  • If you get a response, awesome! If not it is a great exercise to complete at the start the meeting

Research to spark rapport

  • Check out news feeds for recent news about their business and competitors
  • Research meeting attendees and their roles
  • Check out their LinkedIn & Twitter profiles, what. There is a lot of technology today that streamlines this process and presents this information within your CRM or mail software, some of the best are – Discoverly, Rapportive, Datanyze, CharlieApp for while you are on the go

Note: There is always a temptation for this process to suck a lot of time from your day, ensure you get maximum value from the minimum time required. The team at Vorsight had a great process for condensing your research, 3×3 research. 3 pieces of information in 3 minutes. Check out their process here.

Setup the environment

  • If you are out on the road, know where you are going and how long it is going to take you to get there. Be early to setup your laptop, projector, display, whatever needs to happen. Your prospects time is precious and you need to have your head in the game, not behind the TV trying to pub in a HDMI cable!
  • For remote meetings ensure that everyone has the access to the right technology, if you are using GoToMeeting or Webex, make sure your customers have pre-loaded the software. Failing that just use join.me for instant screen sharing – it just works every time!
  • Make sure your demonstrations are ready to go

Fuel your curiosity

  • The aim of most meetings for a sales person is to qualify create and qualify an opportunity in or out.
  • What are the questions you need to ask to validate whether this product is a good fit for your product or service?
  • What do you need to ask for to achieve your objective?

Get back to basics and do a little bit of preparation, it will go a long way.

Check out my next post where we will run how to manage your meeting like a boss!

Happy selling!

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