Meeting Series #3 – Follow up for quick success

After reading my earlier posts in the Meeting Series – Getting the Basics Right & Manage your meetings like a Boss – hopefully you have nailed your latest meeting with a prospect. You’ve bonded. They’ve opened up about their pain. Both parties are confident that your solution or service is going to cure their ills. Now, your prospect is ready to become a customer!

Have they signed the order form? No….Then the job isn’t done yet.

There is still a long way to go. In most sales scenarios your earlier discussions have created actions and commitments, which need to be fulfilled by both parties, for the deal to progress.

CAUTION: if you have all of the action points something may be wrong. In every sales process both parties need to take action to progress the deal.

So who is doing what and when should it be done by? These are all things that should be addressed when you ask the customer – “great to hear you think we can solve your problem. So what happens next?”-  You know there are things that normally need to happen in your selling and their buying process, make sure they are addressed and agreed in the meeting. Then the most important part – send them a summary email.

This can be a very powerful tool when setup properly. Mention to the customer that you will be sending a brief email with a summary of what you took out of the conversation and the actions both side have to progress to the next steps. Now the crucial part. Ask for their feedback.

Once they provide you feedback you have a sales process that is documented and can be referred back to when the roadblocks inevitably arise.

No need to re-write War & Peace, just input the information that you are going to put into your CRM, so it shouldn’t be additional work. It could look a little like this;

follow up email


When you get an immediate response you know that you are above the power line and can immediately validate the deal, plus you have built path of mutual commitment that you can continue to refer back to throughout the deal process.

Now that you have your tasks, do them! Don’t procrastinate. You need to show the prospect you are a partner that holds up your end of the bargain and, through the laws of reciprocity, they will feel obliged to do the same. Setup the next meeting, make the introduction, send through the appropriate documentation. Just get it done.

Following up for success isn’t rocket science acheter cialis but is something that positions you as a true professional and can set you, as the salesperson, apart from the competition.

Happy Selling!

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