One Percenters

Brett Deledio

True Australian Football (AFL) fans love the ‘one percenters’. They know that without them there can be no victory, there can be no premiership flag. In AFL, like in many sports, there are the key statistics that get measured, the actions that the regular spectator goes there to watch like a champion kicking a goal or a defender making a tackle but the one percenters are what turns the game to your advantage, it’s what separates the great from the good.

So what is a one percenter?

In AFL, it is the little extra effort which went unrewarded on the statistics sheet which may not individually affect the outcome of the game, but collectively they can. They start as soon as the previous game finishes. It is how you prepare, how you train and then ultimately the commitment you demonstrate when you play, consistently doing the extra effort when you go above and beyond to secure victory. If that doesn’t help you understand, try watching this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNoYHhj58AQ

So why am I talking about that here?

All the best sales people I read about, met or worked with, succeeded because they went the extra mile. They trained harder than their peers, put more effort into their preparation and found a way to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds. They strive for ways to work smarter and more efficiently while never ceasing to work the hardest. They all excelled at the ‘one percenters’

Here is a collection of one percenters I have seen top sales performers do regularly;

  • Ask for referrals. On EVERY call or visit
  • Plan the next day of calls before leaving work.
  • Always ask overtime questions. What are overtime questions? When you are just about to end the conversation ask “just one more thing” it’s amazing the candid responses you get.
  • Set monthly, weekly, hourly activity goals.
  • Do the impactful, not the urgent.
  • Start early, finish late. Call when decision makers are at their desks.
  • Set next steps, with a specific date and time.
  • Lose quickly.
  • Build a social profile.
  • Keep to do lists, celebrate crossing of every tasks
  • Have an objective for every conversation
  • Under promise, over deliver on everything.
  • Be early to every meeting.
  • Do your homework.
  • Role play constantly.
  • Customise every message.
  • Mix communication channels to learn what works best for your customer – phone, email, sms, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Fax, carrier pigeon, etc.
  • Shape requirements, don’t respond to them.
  • Plan for every meeting.
  • Understand the prospects outcomes, objectives, objections…..these are role dependent and can change daily.

What other ‘one percenters’ do you use?

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