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I recently attended the #SalesStack15, the conference for building a high velocity B2B sales machine, in San Francisco last week. What an awesome day for the growth of the sales technology industry!

There were many great panels and speakers throughout the day, with my favourite panel being the last session – Top 3 Most Influential Social Sellers on Delivering Value Through Social. The name was a slight misnomer as the moderator of the panel, Jamie Shanks, is one of the most influential social media gurus going around.

Each speaker was sensational in their own right, providing some fantastic insights throughout the session, I have included some of the experts response to the questions below.

They broke the questions down to the functional areas of most sales organisations – Executive, Line Manager and Sales Professional – so that everyone in the audience were able to walk away with some relevant information about social selling

I have broken down the questions and what I took away as their key comments in the table below

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Why are execs not bought into social selling?
Leaders don’t know how to do it They don’t the mentality from a personal branding perspective Culture is the big barrier, they are stuck in the old ways of non-collaboration
How do you get the CMO/CSO truly aligned?
It comes down to pay structure and weekly alignment.

The world of advertising has changed, it is now about demand generation, marketers are delivering qualified opportunities not lead

When IS.com aligned Sales, SalesOps & Marketing they drove results 3x

Sales used to hate marketers, sometimes they need to physically shift to stay close to sales.

A sample size of one can change the organisation.

An innovative sales rep who reposted her marketing content through LinkedIn found that her profile views were her best source leads, converting them at 90%!

It all starts with the customer, sales needs to understand more about personas, buyer journeys, aligning content to the buying stage.

With buyers conducting 60% of the buying process digitally marketing holds a wealth of information that can drive the sale

Line Manager

What is the definition of social selling?
There are 3 different types of social selling;

1.       Inside base selling

2.       Trigger base selling

3.       Referral base selling

Social selling is a misnomer, it is social prospecting. The front end process is facilitated with social, nothing is ever closed via social channels Leveraging professional brand to fill your pipeline with people and associates

Social is an amazing prospecting tool, it is very heavy there. Once you have them in pipe, social is still useful to educate them and bring them closer into the circle.

Social selling is how do your research to build relationships with the buyers and create advocacy, success comes from using your social networks, not social media.
How is social being measured? There is a tendency to looks towards to the vanity metrics of likes, views, etc but the key is to have a strong call to action linked with attribution codes Sometimes it’s tough, social selling is using LinkedIn to get better context and relevance about that person.

Sales Professional

What is the single biggest hack to generate pipeline fast?
Leverage a strong customer stories and share it with people who will find it relevant. How? by creating a sphere of influence of around the company at the centre of the story, looking at their ex-employees, competitors and parnters. I will give you 3;

·       Job change alerts. Purchase decisions are made when people change jobs

·       Look for companies that are hiring, if they are hiring they are spending

·       Reverse customer referral, who does your customer know and ask them to speak to them on your behalf

LinkedIn is the online resume, it is now their online reputation. Build LinkedIn profile to be your reputation and find as many ways to drive people to that profile. Why?

You can see who has touched it, combine that with the demographic and firmographic data and you will have success

Mindset. No-one wants to be sold to, everyone wants to be helped.  Be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and deeply know and understand your buyer

Always Be Connecting. Never just send through the LinkedIn standard connection. Personalise with a common interest and ask respectfully

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